Our Approach
Progress Tracked in Practice Apps
Our students practice thousands of personalized test prep questions on their smartphones and tablets. Every test result is compared to the activity of 1 million other students. Performance data from our apps flow to our tutors, enabling them to identify your student’s weaknesses and customize the next tutoring session.
Personalized, Targeted Tutoring
At ScoreBeyond, we understand your student is unique, which is why every single tutoring session is developed by our learning platform to address your student’s specific needs and weaknesses. We achieve a larger learning impact in fewer sessions.
Progress Continuously Tracked
Your student’s progress will be continuously tracked in our top rated, proprietary practice apps, SAT Up and ACT Up, and shared with you via email updates and the parent dashboard. Tutors use real-time access to your student’s results to craft the perfect lesson plans.
Based on Science and Research
ScoreBeyond’s unique approach is based on the science of Mastery Learning and the research of Professor Robert Bjork of UCLA’s Learning Lab. This approach empowers our students to score beyond their target score faster and more efficiently.
Let’s Get Started
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