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ScoreBeyond provides modern test prep plans that guarantee you will reach your target score
Our Modern Technology
Our students put their phones and tablets to good use by practicing thousands of personalized test prep questions on their devices. Every single question they take is carefully selected by our Learning Platform to create a larger learning impact with less practice. Every test result is compared to the activity of 1 million other students to evaluate how your student would perform vs. others on the test day.
Keep Track of Your Student’s Progress
We believe that parental support and guidance is critical to a student's test prep success. Our parent dashboard provides the ultimate level of transparency, allowing parents to actively engage in their student's test prep process at every single step.
Nation’s Best Tutors at Your Service
Nothing can beat the effectiveness of learning from the experts in a one-to-one setting. We recruit and train some of the nation’s top tutors to work for you and your student. We find just the right tutor based on your student’s needs, as identified by our mobile practice apps, and deliver our, one-to-one, private tutoring sessions via live Skype video chat, no matter where you are.
Targeted, Efficient Tutoring
With our test prep apps, parent dashboard and elite tutors, our tutoring sessions are more targeted and efficient. Therefore, your student achieves greater improvement in fewer sessions.
Let’s Get Started
We guarantee significant score improvements. Or your money back.